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"Our Mission Is To Equip Our Clients With Solutions For Cost Control And Accountability That Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Profits."

At FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., our dedication to mission allows us to maintain our premier position as the industry leader in providing GPS fleet management and business profitability solutions.

We fulfill this mission with unmatched expertise and exclusive productivity tools such as GPS-based vehicle tracking systems and customizable software that monitor and manage fleet vehicles on a local, regional or nationwide scale.

FleetBoss Fleet Management Solutions’ core values are the reason that our services, products and enduring customer relationships are unparalleled in the fleet management industry.

Cost-effective Solutions for Every Type of Business
We are proud to produce scalable solutions for businesses of every size, from "Mom & Pop" operations to the largest corporate enterprises and public sector service providers.

Cutting Edge Expertise
We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the fleet management technology curve.

Goal Achievement
Our singular passion is to help our clients and the businesses we touch achieve their business goals.

Employee Empowerment
We know that technology is a critical component of any employee empowerment program. That's why we are committed to designing solutions that enhance the partnership between workers and management.

Value Enhancement
We are constantly exploring new and innovative ways of creating value for our clients.


Going Beyond GPS!