Reduce Operating Costs

With the FleetBoss GPS fleet management system, you can begin saving money immediately in areas like fuel costs, overtime, maintenance and repairs. And you can start saving within the first 30 days of implementation!

FleetBoss clients have reduced their fuel bills by 10, 15, 20 percent and more while eliminating unnecessary overtime and improving bottom-line profitability with the FleetBoss GPS fleet management system.

Following are just a few examples of how FleetBoss clients have been able to reduce their operating costs in these key areas:

     -- Speeding
     -- Moonlighting

     -- Engine idling



The FleetBoss system was a real eye opener. I never knew some ofour trucks could go as fast as they do. Speeds in excess of 80 mph were not uncommon. Now they are a thing of the past."

Mike Paino
A Better Heating & Air Conditioning
Jonesboro, GA


Fleetboss puts us in our trucks with our drivers. We control overtime and we know starts, finishes... [and can] control frequent stops... it's helped us reduce excess costs and control after hours vehicle use... simply put, it's doing its job."

Tom Stankey
H & H Liquid Sludge Pumpers
Ft. White, FL


I saved enough money just in stop idle time to pay for the units. It was unbelievable, these guys let the trucks sit and idle for up to an hour at a time! Now they are using it to compete with each other to have the lowest average speed and stop idle time. This kind of competition is the kind a business owner likes to see.

Tyson Swann
Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, LLC Pumpers
Canton, GA


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