FleetBoss Experience With Small Business

At FleetBoss, small business is the cornerstone that makes our business possible.

Whether it’s a fleet of 1 or 100, every small business brings its own unique set of expenses, liabilities and challenges to the table. Oh sure - don’t worry, GPS can still help you “find your guy”. But today’s small businesses have grown beyond babysitting drivers and are challenged by a more important question:What do you do after finding him?

Specifically, how does finding him help your business?  How does it increase your bottom line? Reduce waste? Improve productivity or keep an extra dollar in the cash register? We began asking these questions n 1997 and have compiled a substantial database of answers from virtually every service industry in North America. Many small business owners appreciated this move including Ameri-Vend in Lansing Michigan “I loved your fast start program and realize you could do a lot more with this than I ever imagined”. So did others.

We’re often asked what the hardware (box) pricing and any monitoring rates happen to be when shoppers are instinctively comparing systems on spreadsheets and attempt their first call. This is often asked without understanding about the business’ goals or use of the GPS data.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

While this is a fair question, we find this method of comparing systems delivers a disservice to the business.

A Fleet of One  

Kind of an oxymoron isn’t it?  

When you think about it, your fleet had to start somewhere and “one” began the adventure for most every fleet in the world.   

“One” is the birth of small service businesses which are now the driving force behind the United States economy. In 2008, the US Office of Advocacy estimated small business making up 99.7% of all employer firms and 44% of total US private payroll.  

That’s a lot of “little guys”. Too many to ignore.  And FleetBoss is here to help, one small business at a time. From one vehicle to 100 or more.

Today, a shopper may spend only a few minutes with a salesperson to get the price of a box on a system they’ll end up spending years using.

The relationship, service and experience a small business owner derives from a GPS fleet management company is paramount to the success of the system.   

 We pride ourselves on this relationship and welcome the opportunity of ‘Going Beyond GPS’ with your small business – even with a fleet of one.


Going Beyond GPS!