"When I think about it, the FleetBoss system simply makes my business more efficient. We can make decisions based on actual data and best of all, I know that my employees are honest people and that feels good."

David McCall
Phoenix AZ



-- TCK Heating and Air Conditioning was interested in getting information that would help identify overtime; it seemed like OT was getting excessive.
-- Other concerns were speeding and the possibility that the trucks were being left idling for long periods of time to keep the air conditioner running.
-- Drivers take the truck home, and TCK wanted to account for personal use of the vehicles during non-business hours.


-- The FleetBoss system provides the exact time when the technician came on the job site and left, so the accuracy of payroll, job costing and billing was improved.
-- Overtime hours dropped because actual job hours are captured.
-- Speeding became a thing of the past because a simple report will quickly identify all the incidences of excessive speeding.
-- Long idling times were discovered and subsequently stopped, saving on fuel and vehicle wear.



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