September 12, 2005


ORLANDO, FLA. - (September 12, 2005) FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., based in Fern Park, FL., today announced the introduction of FleetBoss Series 5500TM powered by Networkcar®, a revolutionary wireless fleet management system for fleets. This new product launch has been enabled by a reseller relationship with Networkcar® in which Fleetboss will offer Networkcar’s wireless fleet management product.

FleetBoss Series 5500TM collects and organizes detailed automotive information directly from a vehicle's engine computer and location-based information from a global positioning system (GPS). Fleet owners and operators can remotely access this information in the form of immediate e-mail alerts, summary reports and easy-to-read Web pages.

Series 5500TM provides fleet owners and managers with on-line access to detailed vehicle performance indicators such as mileage, speed, speed history, malfunction indicator lamp status, fuel efficiency, diagnostic trouble code descriptions and standard location-based information. Series 5500TM allows fleet managers to quickly analyze fleet location and diagnostic information to improve productivity and reduce costs. Series 5500 TM clients can also benefit from comprehensive dispatching features.

The Series 5500TM suite of reports gives fleet managers expanded insight into the operating condition of their vehicles and productivity of their drivers. The following are just a few of the powerful reports available:

• Stop Detail Report - Fleet managers can better manage driver activities and improve routing by showing trip details for any fleet vehicle including trip mileage, trip duration, stop location and stop duration.

• Alerts Report - Fleet managers can access a list of vehicles that need service or have a diagnostic problem so they can repair vehicles at an earlier, less-expensive stage and decrease vehicle downtime.
• Odd-Hours Report - Fleet managers can quickly identify driving-time violations to prevent unauthorized use of company vehicles after hours or on weekends.

• Speed Violations Report - By reviewing speed violations, fleet managers can now increase safety and reduce speed related accidents.

"Our company is thrilled to be at the forefront of the extremely competitive AVL marketplace” stated
Brian Carroll, President of FleetBoss. “Series 5500 follows a long line of best of breed GPS solutions provided by FleetBoss. For seven years and counting, FleetBoss continues to bring tremendous productivity, efficiency and profits to thousands of clients in the US and abroad.”

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