November 16, 2004


Orlando, Florida (November 16, 2004): FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce a three year agreement to provide GPS fleet management solutions to the City of St. Petersburg, Florida.

FleetBoss GPS solutions will be used by various St. Petersburg departments to track the activities of passenger vehicles, small, medium and large trucks, tractor trailers, earth moving equipment, sanitation vehicles, tractors, large lawn mowers, public safety vehicles and boats.

St. Petersburg will be using FleetBoss AutoGraphics® Software, Enterprise Edition which provides the convenience and flexibility of true, GPS-based fleet management in a network environment. As a networked productivity tool, FleetBoss AutoGraphics® allows data to be accessed, shared and used by multiple City departments throughout St. Petersburg.

"It's obvious that the City of St. Petersburg is committed to using the very best technology available to improve its City Operations and provide value to its citizens," said FleetBoss President, Brian Carroll.

"FleetBoss is delighted that St. Petersburg has taken the lead in this regard and has opened the door for other Florida municipalities to use the same GPS solutions to greatly improve their efficiency, productivity and public accountability," Mr. Carroll added.

About the City of St. Petersburg, Florida
Located on Florida's Gulf Coast, St. Petersburg is Florida's fourth largest city with over 250,000 residents. Called "The Sunshine City", it is also the gateway to Florida's High Tech Corridor and the hub of one of the country's most progressive business regions. The city organization focuses on five areas: Supporting Neighborhoods, Promoting Economic Opportunity; Working for Better Schools; Increasing Personal Security/Public Safety; and Improving City Operations. On the Net: St. Petersburg site:

About FleetBoss
As the premier GPS fleet management provider since 1998, FleetBoss has always been much more than a supplier of products or boxed services. With over 4000 satisfied customers and counting, FleetBoss has built upon its tremendous success in vehicle tracking and driver accountability by Going Beyond GPS to offer total business operations solutions. FleetBoss is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to provide value and a high return on investment for its clients. FleetBoss' automatic vehicle location (AVL) GPS fleet management solutions have generated millions of dollars in savings and revenue for thousands of clients both in North America and abroad. Today, FleetBoss is moving beyond GPS to expand into equally crucial business operational areas such as workforce automation and mobile data solutions. For more information, call 1.877.265.9559

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