July 02, 2004


ORLANDO, FLA. – (July 2, 2004) FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., based in Fern Park, Fla., today announced a dynamic expansion of its successful Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) relationship with the Environmental Products Group of Federal Signal Corporation, Oak Brook, IL. In 2002, FleetBoss partnered with Elgin Sweeper Company, part of the Environmental Products Group, to develop FleetMinder—the first system with fully-automated GPS and mapping capabilities to record sweeping system components.

Due to the enhanced productivity realized from FleetMinder's initial installations on its Elgin street sweepers, the Environmental Products Group is now planning to offer FleetMinder as an option on its entire line of Leach and Wittke refuse vehicles, Vactor sewer cleaners, and Guzzler vacuum loaders. The plans are expected to include:

• Use of sales strategies that transfer GPS based solutions benefits to Federal Signal's end user client organizations;

• Establishment of a cooperative marketing strategy for promoting FleetMinder;

• Offering vehicle models that will provide organizations with pre-installed FleetMinder units; and

• Developing a FleetMinder solution to monitor vehicles that do not return to a home base location.

“Our OEM agreement with Federal Signal Corporation has proven to be of tremendous value for both our organizations,” said Brian Carroll, President of FleetBoss. “By undertaking these new initiatives with Federal Signal, we are making that relationship even stronger and producing outstanding new benefits for the end user,” he added.

About FleetBoss
FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. is the industry leader in global positioning solutions used to monitor and manage fleet vehicles on a local, regional or nationwide scale. The company’s fleet management solutions featuring FleetBoss AutoGraphics® software dramatically improve the efficiency and overhead cost of fleet ownership by identifying and monitoring vehicular events and activities such as speeding, unauthorized use, asset under-utilization, unnecessary idling, time at the job site, miles driven and more. The company distributes its fleet management solutions through a nationwide channel of authorized dealers and sells directly in select markets. For more information, call 1.877.265.9559

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