May 30, 2003


ORLANDO, FL – (May 29, 2003) – FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. has entered into a two-year agreement with CSI Wireless to integrate customized hardware for The Boss ® fleet management and asset tracking systems. CSI Wireless, a leader in the design and manufacture of Global Positioning System (GPS) products and combined wireless-GPS products, will provide a proprietary version of Asset-Link 200 as the backbone of The Boss ® product line. By design, this new platform fully supports the current product line while positioning FleetBoss for further expansion of its product and service offerings.

“We are enthusiastic about our partnership with CSI Wireless, a well-established manufacturer of leading-edge GPS systems. Working together with CSI Wireless allows us to build on our strength as a leading business-to-business fleet management solutions provider, at the same time strategically positioning FleetBoss for continued growth in an ever-evolving market,” said Brian Carroll, FleetBoss president and chief operating officer.

Companies using The Boss ® get the combined benefit of GPS-based tracking data and proprietary software to deliver an informative, cost-effective way to monitor drivers' efficiency and productivity.
Following are just a few examples of cost savings realized by FleetBoss customers:
• reduced insurance costs, claims and accidents as a result of driver awareness and improved driving behavior
• elimination of unnecessary overtime or redundant scheduling with verifiable logs of service calls, vehicle activity and stop-and-start data
• positive control of unauthorized vehicle use, including side trips, off-hours use and “moonlighting”
• improvement of vehicle maintenance programs with accurate mileage and service intervals, reduced driver wear-and-tear (speeding, engine idling)

Availability of the Microburst ® cellular network through Asset-Link 200 ensures full compatibility of The Boss ® in its current and previous configurations, making this technology complementary to the FleetBoss product line. It also enables fleet managers to query and receive basic control and position-reporting data from vehicles and mobile assets equipped with The Boss ®. Many other communication capabilities are available or under development to fully support the information and management needs of FleetBoss customers throughout North America.

About CSI Wireless
With offices in Calgary, Silicon Valley, and Phoenix, CSI Wireless designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective, wireless and GPS products for mobile and fixed applications in the agriculture, marine, automotive and other markets. Through the integration of GPS and wireless, CSI has begun serving several emerging high-growth markets including Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Telematics, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Fixed-Base Wireless Telephones. The Company owns several patents and intellectual property relating to wireless and GPS technologies. CSI Wireless has licensed its cellular technology to GPS, cellular handset, and chipset manufacturers. The Company's common shares trade on The Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "CSY", with approximately 22 million outstanding. For online information about CSI Wireless, go to

About FleetBoss
FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. is the industry leader in global positioning solutions used to monitor and manage fleet vehicles on a local, regional or nationwide scale. The company’s The Boss® fleet management systems featuring FleetBoss AutoGraphics® software dramatically improve the efficiency and overhead cost of fleet ownership by identifying and monitoring vehicular events and
activities such as speeding, unauthorized use, asset under-utilization, unnecessary idling, time at the job site, miles driven and more. The company distributes The Boss® fleet management systems through a nationwide channel of authorized dealers and sells directly in select markets. For more information, call (877) 265-9559.

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