July 15, 2002


Orlando, Fla. – (July 15, 2002) – FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., based in Fern Park, Fla., today announced the completion of an OEM agreement with the Elgin Sweeper Company of Elgin, Ill. Under the terms of the agreement, FleetBoss will supply Elgin with proprietary vehicle management systems based on global positioning system (GPS) technology.

Installed as original equipment in new Elgin sweepers, the vehicle management systems will be available as a standard option offering in the Elgin product line. Previously manufactured Elgin equipment can be retrofitted to include the new fleet management systems.

“We consider this new feature to be a valuable benefit to our Sweeper line because customers will be able to use the data from the system to better manage the efficiency of their fleets,” said Bill Krupowicz, group marketing director for Elgin Sweeper. “We are excited to be the first Sweeper manufacturer to build this technology into its vehicles. We are especially attracted to the detailed reports generated by the system software,” he added.

“This is our first OEM agreement and we are very excited about our relationship with Elgin,” said Brian Carroll vice president and chief operating officer for FleetBoss. “We know the end users will be interested to see exactly where and when their Sweepers were on the job and for how long; the roads they serviced and even when and where the brooms and dust suppression systems were engaged – all with customized reporting and easy to read graphs,” he added.

About FleetBoss

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. is the industry leader in global positioning solutions used to monitor and manage fleet vehicles on a local, regional or nationwide scale. The company’s The Boss® fleet management systems featuring FleetBoss AutoGraphics® software dramatically improve the efficiency and overhead cost of fleet ownership by identifying and monitoring vehicular events and activities such as speeding, unauthorized use, asset under-utilization, unnecessary idling, time at the job site, miles driven and more. FleetBoss is privately-held with headquarters in Fern Park, Fla. The company distributes The Boss® fleet management systems through a nationwide channel of authorized dealers and sells directly in select markets. For more information, call 1.877.265.9559. On the Net: FleetBoss site: www.fleetboss.com

About Elgin

Elgin is a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corporation (NYSE: FSS). Elgin is the leading manufacturer of sweepers for municipal, contractor, airport, and industrial sweeping needs, offering the world's broadest selection of street sweepers including mechanical, vacuum, and recirculating air models. Since introducing the world's first motorized mechanical sweeper in 1914, Elgin has brought its sweeping technology to customers worldwide. New technologies such as PM-10 compliance, alternative fuel driven, and noise reduction are just a few being introduced into their line of sweepers. On the Net: Elgin site: www.elginsweeper.com

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