May 22, 2002


Vehicle Usage Verification and Accountability Provide
Benefits to Businesses and Government Agencies

Orlando, Fla. – (May 22, 2002) – Tracking vehicles by satellite takes all the guess work and speculation out of knowing exactly where vehicles have been while on the job.

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc., located here, develops and manufactures GPS-based vehicle tracking and management systems that are sold nationally to businesses and municipalities. Integrated with mapping software, the system can generate reports showing such data as routes taken, stops made, rates of speed, etc. With these user-defined reports, users are able to verify where their vehicles were at all times, often settling a dispute between a business and its customer who claims a vehicle never showed up. Similarly, driver productivity can be verified by checking the vehicle’s actual activity against the job or case assignment provided at the beginning of a work cycle.

“This proven technology has been in commercial use for years,” said Brian Carroll, vp and coo of FleetBoss. “Our fleet management application has traditionally targeted the commercial marketplace, but our system’s reporting capability is appropriate in any situation where accountability is a concern. For example, verifying the exact routes taken by DCF case workers is a logical extension of an application that has been making businesses more efficient for years”, he added.

About FleetBoss

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. is the industry leader in global positioning solutions used to monitor and manage fleet vehicles on a local, regional or nationwide scale. The company’s The Boss® fleet management systems, featuring FleetBoss AutoGraphics® software, dramatically improve the efficiency and overhead cost of fleet ownership by identifying and monitoring vehicular events and activities such as speeding, unauthorized use, asset under-utilization, unnecessary idling, time at the job site, miles driven and more. FleetBoss is privately-held with headquarters in Fern Park, Fla. The company distributes The Boss® fleet management systems through a nationwide channel of authorized dealers and sells directly in select markets. For more information, please call toll-free 877.265.9559.

Going Beyond GPS!