May 22, 2001


Dealer development opportunity helps entrepreneurs overcome barriers to entry
in high-tech field of GPS technology.

ORLANDO, Fla. – (May 22, 2001) – With well over ten million fleet vehicles on the road today representing companies large and small across America, the challenge of keeping track of fleet operations has never been greater. Central Florida-based FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. has developed the first fleet management system to provide fleet managers and company owners with active, real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL) and comprehensive “passive” vehicle data based on GPS satellite signals in one customer-defined solution package. This system is the first and only system on the market to combine the immediacy of AVL instant vehicle information with the utility of permanently stored vehicle operational data.

FleetBoss now offers entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to take part in this growth industry by establishing independent dealerships nationwide, focused on distribution, service and consulting on fleet management solutions. Dealers are given access to metropolitan and regional sales areas, with marketing, training and technical support offered at the national level.

The initial dealer investment is actually secured by initial fleet management system inventory. This investment also includes a full week of technical and sales training for the dealer and designated management staff. In addition, dealers are provided with ongoing technical support and training on new system and software developments.

“This is an exciting chance to get into a fast-growing industry without the barriers of entry one would expect in the GPS technology field,” said Larry Carroll, president and CEO of FleetBoss. “We’re making it possible for technology-savvy individuals to take ownership of a valuable business-to-business opportunity.”

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. produces and distributes The Boss fleet management systems (FMS) and FleetBoss AUTOGRAPHICS™ software throughout the United States and in select international markets. The Boss ® gives businesses unprecedented ability to manage and monitor their vehicle operations around the clock, anywhere in the country. For additional information or a free consultation, please call toll-free (877) 265-9559, or visit FleetBoss on the web at

Going Beyond GPS!