May 17, 2001


Florida-based fleet management solutions provider showcases GPS on-board vehicle system capabilities at PRISM 2001 Conference

MIAMI, Fla. – (May 17, 2001) - In the records management and stored data field, it is imperative that accountability is maintained and security assured no matter where the records are. Central Florida-based FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. offers the first fleet management system to provide records managers with active, real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL) and comprehensive “passive” vehicle data based on GPS satellite signals in one customer-defined solution package.

“This system is the first and only system on the market to combine the immediacy of AVL instant vehicle information with the utility of permanently stored vehicle operational data,” said Brian Carroll, chief operating officer of FleetBoss and a featured panelist at the PRISM 2001 Conference. For vital information storage and transport, this means:

§ Door-to-door and point-to-point tracking of deliveries and transport with GPS satellite precision
§ Tracking and recording of access to vehicle storage area(s) access points and other special events as established by transporting agency
§ Active automatic vehicle location (AVL) for real-time reporting of vehicle and shipment locations, special alerts for speeding, route variance and unauthorized vehicle usage
§ Data log storage of all vehicle movement and engine usage data for accountability reporting and evaluation
§ General fleet accountability and management information system

FleetBoss Global Positioning Solutions, Inc. produces and distributes The Boss fleet management systems (FMS) and FleetBoss AUTOGRAPHICS software throughout the United States and in select international markets. The Boss ® gives businesses anywhere in the country unprecedented ability to manage and monitor their vehicle and transport operations around the clock, anywhere in the country. For additional information or a free consultation, please call toll-free (877) 265-9559.

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