November 15, 2000


Orlando, FL - (November 15, 2000) - Since its launch in 1999, FLEETBOSS has enjoyed tremendous success with its affordable, GPS-based fleet management system, “The Boss”. But the best success stories come from FLEETBOSS’ customers, who in just a short time have already seen dramatic reductions in fuel costs and increased productivity and efficiency.

Route Management Leads to Reductions in Fuel Costs
Fuel costs are a critical issue for companies with vehicle fleets. GPS monitoring offers a way for companies to monitor idle time and routes, two factors which greatly influence fuel consumption. After installing “The Boss”, Maverick Materials, Inc., a building material supply company in Georgia, discovered that its trucks were being left to idle and making trips and stops in many locations other than the scheduled deliveries.

“Overall, I feel that using the GPS Management System has greatly improved our ability to manage our business,” said Jerry D. Hudgins of Maverick Materials, Inc. “Instead of losing $600 to $800 per week in lost time and excessive fuel consumption, we are saving this money and getting better production for this money.”

B&A Distributing Inc. in Montgomery, Alabama, also noticed a reduction of fuel costs due to lower speeds and idling with the system in place. According to Layne Wallock of B&A, “The Boss system has greatly reduced the speeding and the fuel consumption of my vehicles and has saved me a substantial premium on my insurance cost.”

Monitoring System Increases Company Productivity
C. C. & James Cole of Cole Plumbing wanted to enhance efficiency and safety of the company’s vehicles and drivers. “The Boss has greatly improved the productivity of our service technicians. We could tell in the first two weeks that we had ‘new people’ on the job,” said James Cole.

Billy Henderson of United Heating & Air in Montgomery, Alabama, experienced similar results. “We installed The Boss system on our service trucks and instantly increased productivity and the morale of the drivers. We are in the process of putting the system on all the installation trucks,” said Henderson.

“The Boss” Provides Customers With Overall Peace of Mind
Ryland and Karen Herring were unable to go on vacation without worrying about work. “The Boss” system has given them peace of mind knowing that vehicles are not being improperly used at night or on weekends. “Areas where we can be more efficient and productive are being magnified by the reports. We can’t imagine having a company vehicle without ‘The Boss’ on board,” said Mr. Herring.

The Boss system utilizes individual vehicle units, precision mapping programs and exclusive computer software to track vehicle data 24-hours a day, including start and stop times, number of stops by address per day, vehicle speed, service equipment used and exact routes traveled.

Larry Carroll, a noted entrepreneur and former president of Crime Blocker, a leading supplier of wireless security systems founded FLEETBOSS, provider of The Boss fleet management system, in April 1999. For sales or more information, please call toll free (877) 265-9559.

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