June 23, 2000


As Fuel Costs Skyrocket, Companies with Vehicle Fleets Turn to GPS
Technology to Help Lower Fuel Consumption

Orlando, Fla. – (June 23, 2000) - With fuel costs now passing $2 per gallon in some areas of the country, companies that rely on vehicle fleets to provide goods and services are beginning to feel more than a mere pinch in direct operating costs.

Hundreds of companies are combating these fast-rising costs with new Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) tracking systems, such as FLEETBOSS’ “The Boss,” and many are already experiencing double-digit reductions in fuel expenses from improved fleet management.

The Boss system utilizes individual vehicle GPS units, precision mapping programs and exclusive computer software to track vehicle data 24-hours a day, including start and stop times, number of stops by address per day, and service equipment used. The system also monitors idle time, vehicle speed and routes traveled, three critical components that determine fuel consumption.

By providing accurate records of vehicle usage, the FLEETBOSS system allows companies to study vehicle use patterns to identify and correct areas of inefficiency. In many cases, simple changes can lead to huge cost savings

For instance, after installing “The Boss”, Maverick Materials, Inc., a building material supply company in Georgia, discovered that its trucks were being left to idle and making trips and stops in many locations other than the scheduled deliveries. Simple corrections have led to savings of $600 to $800 per week.
B&A Distributing Inc. in Montgomery, Alabama, also noticed a reduction of fuel costs due to lower speeds and idling with the FLEETBOSS system in place. According to Layne Wallock of B&A, “The Boss system has greatly reduced the speeding and the fuel consumption of my vehicles and has saved me a substantial premium on my insurance cost.”

Fuel savings are not limited to one industry. Virtually any company with sales, delivery or service vehicles can experience fuel consumption savings with the FLEETBOSS system. Companies from industries as varied as beverage distribution, forklift sales, printing services and air conditioning service have already enjoyed huge fuel savings with FLEETBOSS, with some reporting savings of 15 percent fleetwide.

Recent changes in the government’s GPS satellite system has also resulted in greater accuracy, providing fleet managers with much more accurate information on vehicle positioning, routes and stop locations.

FLEETBOSS, provider of The Boss fleet management system, was founded in April 1999 by Larry Carroll, a noted entrepreneur and former president of Crime Blocker, a leading supplier of wireless security systems. For sales or more information, please call toll free (877) 265-9559.

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