May 10, 2000


U.S. Department of Defense Halts Practice of “Selective Availability,”
Greatly Increasing Accuracy of FLEETBOSSTM GPS Tracking System

ORLANDO, Fla. – (May 10, 2000) – Effective May 1, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) halted its long-standing practice of “selective availability,” thereby greatly increasing accuracy of Global Positional Satellite (GPS) tracking systems from football field-sized errors to tennis court-sized accuracy. The move immediately benefits customers of FLEETBOSS, which provides GPS-based tracking systems for companies with sales, service and delivery fleets.

“Our tracking and mapping systems will see a huge boost in accuracy,” said FLEETBOSS President Larry Carroll. “Fleet managers will benefit from having more accurate records of vehicle locations and usage, and individual drivers will benefit from the much-enhanced navigation capability.”

Prior to May 1, the DOD’s selective availability practice reduced the ability of GPS receivers to obtain exact position, velocity and time data. Ending that practice should increase accuracy from 100 meters to 12 meters 95 percent of the time, and to six meters half of the time.

FLEETBOSS distributes The Boss fleet management system, which utilizes individual vehicle GPS units, precision mapping programs and exclusive computer software to monitor vehicle data, including start and stop times, number of stops by address per day, vehicle speed, service equipment used and exact routes traveled.

The Boss system allows companies with sales, service or delivery vehicles to monitor drivers’ efficiency and productivity 24-hours a day. The system’s use of post-event data makes The Boss affordable for companies with fleets as small as just a few vehicles, to companies with fleets numbering in the thousands.

Additionally, FLEETBOSS’ proprietary Autographics® software presents the data in easy-to-read chart formats, allowing companies to compare a single vehicle’s weekly or monthly activities or compare an entire fleet against established benchmarks.

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