Friday, January 14, 2000


Signs National Service Agreement with Rollins Inc.,
Parent Company of Orkin Exterminating Co.

ORLANDO, Fla. – (January 14, 2000) - An Orlando, Florida based company has introduced an all-new, affordable GPS fleet management system that allows companies with service or delivery vehicles to monitor drivers’ efficiency and productivity 24-hours a day.

The Boss TM fleet management system, introduced by FLEETBOSSTM, utilizes individual vehicle units, precision mapping programs and exclusive computer software to monitor vehicle data, including start and stop times, number of stops by address per day, vehicle speed, service equipment used and exact routes traveled.

Additionally, FLEETBOSS’ proprietary Autographics® software presents the data in easy-to-read chart formats, allowing companies to compare a single vehicle’s weekly or monthly activities or compare an entire fleet against established benchmarks.

FLEETBOSS, which has been selling and installing The Boss in select markets around the country, marked a milestone in late October, signing a national service agreement with Atlanta-based Rollins Inc., parent of Orkin Exterminating Company. The agreement calls for thousands of The Boss systems to be installed in select markets throughout the nationwide Orkin Exterminating Company fleet.

“We tested the product in Atlanta, and the results were so impressive we decided to expand our use of The Boss system throughout our fleet,” said Don King, director of special projects for Rollins, Inc. “The system gives us an increased comfort level over the management of our route system and the safety of our drivers. We think The Boss will present opportunities for us to improve the efficiency of our fleets, and ultimately help us provide even better service to our customers.”

“The Boss system literally pays for itself through improved efficiency of vehicles and associated staff,” said Larry Carroll, president and CEO of FLEETBOSS. “In fact, many customers have recovered their initial investment within the first few months of operation.”

“The Boss has been a welcome addition to our fleet,” said Ricky Allen, owner of Dixie Excursions, an Auburn, Ala. based transit shuttle and charter service. “Our quality of service has caused rapid growth in our business and The Boss allows us to keep a constant pulse on that quality.”

The Boss system utilizes re-usable memory modules and simple antennas in each vehicle that are linked to a GPS satellite system, which monitors the vehicle’s progress 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. The modules can then be quickly and easily downloaded to a company’s own master database that provides a permanent history of the entire fleet operation.

“Many fleet managers think they must have active monitoring systems that allow them to pinpoint vehicle locations in real time,” said Carroll. “Truth is, active systems make sense for law enforcement and other emergency vehicles, but they require huge equipment and monitoring fees, which are cost-prohibitive for the vast majority of small and mid-sized companies. Our system gives them much more useful information, and it does so in a format that is simple to understand, easy to afford and applies to the bottom line.”

By measuring day-to-day productivity, The Boss system enables companies to identify areas that need attention and improvement. “Most managers would agree that if they were able to ride along with each of their drivers, seven days a week, productivity would increase,” said Cliff Whelchel, national director of training for FLEETBOSS. “The Boss is the next best thing. With increased productivity comes better fuel efficiency and enhanced driver safety, which translate into decreased liability and insurance premiums. Not to mention additional time to complete more sales, delivery and service calls, thereby directly boosting profits. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

The Boss also provides many advantages for employees by enabling companies to institute vehicle take-home policies or implement driver incentive plans based on captured productivity data. And having permanent records of precisely where vehicles
have traveled provides protection against false accident claims against the company, such as debris left on highways or parking lot damage.

FLEETBOSS, maker of The Boss fleet management system, was founded in April 1999 by Larry Carroll, a noted entrepreneur and former president of Crime Blocker, a leading supplier of wireless security systems. For sales or more information, please call toll-free (877) 265-9559.

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