Testimonials and Case Studies


Air Conditioning Specialist, Inc.
Mr. E. Roger Beauchamp
"I don't know how service oriented companies with fleets or vehicles on the road can afford not to have the system."

American Speedy Printing Center
Doyle Depriest

"Increased operator awareness of driving habits while gaining verification of time and delivery date."

B&A Distributing, Inc.
Layne Wallock
"I've saved in fuel bills, less overtime and lower insurance premiums."

Canteen of Central New Mexico
Kevin Callesan
“The vending industry is a cash business. FleetBoss is an invaluable tool for taking the guess work out of our vending deliveries which, in turn, lets our revenue collection go more smoothly. FleetBoss also gives us complete control over the efficiency and productivity of our delivery force. The true success of our FleetBoss fleet management solution isn’t just measured by the savings we’ve enjoyed or our return on investment. Its biggest benefit is peace of mind.”

Care Takers
Rick Gramhill
"FleetBoss has been a great asset to our business!"

Cheney Door Company
Keith Bomholt
I know we’ve saved some payroll expenses with a reduction in overtime hours.

City of Auburn - Environmental Services Division
Al Davis
"For the first time, the City has an accurate means of monitoring vehicle activity."

City of McDonough
Mr. James Lee
"FleetBoss has met and exceeded our expectations."

Cole Plumbing
James Cole
"The drivers' knowledge of the system made them more conscious of their behavior."

County Portables
Mrs. Noreen Miller
"I HIGHLY recommend it!"

Dixie Excursions
Ricky Allen
"The system simplifies the recording of the vehicles' hours of service records for D.O.T."

Duke Electric Co.
Mr. Ken Peterman
"We also had a truck stolen from job site and were able to provide the police with every stop made from the time it was stolen until we recovered the truck."

H & H Liquid Sludge
Mr. Tom Stankey
"It has helped us reduce excess costs and control after hours vehicle use..."

Jackson Brothers Vending
Wendell Jackson
"Only one week after installing our FleetBoss GPS solution, our company experienced a huge Return On Investment—We recovered a stolen truck! The driver of one of our refrigerated night trucks called in to report that his truck had disappeared from a loading dock. Since this truck had just been outfitted with FleetBoss GPS, our company supervisor immediately tracked the truck's location over the internet. The supervisor discovered that our vehicle had been stolen at 4:33 a.m. on Saturday morning and had made several unauthorized stops throughout the city. Our FleetBoss reports showed that the truck had been driven over 119 miles since it had been hijacked. Using our FleetBoss system, we were not only able to retrieve our stolen truck, but we were also able to provide the local police department with an accurate list of all stops made by the thieves. Having GPS on this vehicle allowed us to look like heroes. This FleetBoss GPS solution definitely paid for itself!"

Korte Does It All, Inc.
Mr. Dave Korte
"After 30 days we identified enough speeding, idling, and incorrect timesheets to tell us that our entire fleet needed to be equipped with The Boss system."

Maverick Materials
Jerry D. Hudings
"We needed to increase efficiency in trucks where drivers were paid by the load and in trucks where he was paid by the hour."

Mesco, Inc.
Don Guthrie
"We needed to address excessive overtime wages."

Modern Pools & Service
Mr. Jim Rasco
"The Boss system is the single greatest asset we’ve added to our business since we put in computers."

Mr. Rooter Plumbing
Rob Birnie
"I will highly recommend FleetBoss services to companies who are striving for excellence in their industries"

Premier Indoor Comfort Systems, LLC
Mr. Tyson Swann
"I will save enough money just in stop idle time to pay for the units."

R & G Vent Cleaning
Don LaBarge
"I am very pleased to have Fleetboss on my team".

Recall Total Information Management
Renee Rogers
"It took me literally one week to find my return on investment..."

Royal Gardens Landscaping
Robert Ippach
"If any company has one truck it would be foolish not to have the FleetBoss system."

Service Master Commercial Cleaning Services
Kenetha S. Heape
"We were able to maintain our gas budget (even with increasing gas prices) and lower our overtime by 70 percent."

Spectrum Enterprises, Inc.
Mrs. Laura Porter
"The first week we used the units as timesheets we saved $800.00 compared to what our employees "thought" they worked."

Speedie Porta-Jons & Septic
Mr. Andy Cregan
"We use it as a promotional tool to show potential clients that we can guarantee time and verify each stop; when we were there and for how long."

Springer Equipment
Ted Springer
"The Boss assures exact and verifiable billing."

Ryland and Karen Herring
"We were already at the point of hiring someone to follow a certain vehicle."

TCK Service Group
David McCall
"I can actually see when the technician gets to the job in the morning and when and where he ends his work day."

Tennessee Automatic Sprinkler, Inc.
David Becker
"In my humble opinion, and after lots of research into the possible alternatives, I am convinced that the FleetBoss system is far and away the best value on the market."

TIB'S Electrical Service Co.
Mr. Greg Yarbrough
"We will be able to make better scheduling and routing decisions after seeing where everyone has been."

TPM Distributing
Mr. Michael Hites
"Not only has our fuel usage gone down, the productivity of the individual trucks has increased."

Ultra Modern Pool & Spa
Linda Wallace
"We also wanted to make sure our drivers were doing their scheduled stops in the right order."

United Fire Protection
Frank Capozzoli
"The Boss has taken away the worry of growing and having to hire new people."

United Heating & Air
Billy Henderson
"Increased efficiency has created pride and higher morale in the service crew."

Vanguard Archives
Kernell Survillion
"The Fleetboss system has been a great investment that has paid for itself in a very short time."

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