I’m a business owner, and just like you I have dealt with the challenges that go along with managing people and keeping track of a lot of moving parts. Trucks and vans on the road. Customers and prospects across multiple counties and states. The costs of doing business that sometimes seem to spiral out of control.  

Managing a security and alarm company in the 1990s, I saw first-hand what happens when drivers hit the road. With 50 trucks on the street, with our company’s name on the side, and the reputation of our business on the line, you bet I worried about what was really going on. After all, this is the real world and we have to accept that people don’t always do the right things.  

Or do we?  

At FleetBoss GPS, we’ve spent the last 14 years challenging the assumption that we have to just accept things the way they are. In fact, we’ve built a technology company that gives business owners and managers the ability to see what’s really going on with drivers and vehicles. Along the way, we’ve learned that it’s not a case of “bad employees” as much as it is typically good people who may have adopted some bad habits along the way. 

Using global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking technology, management systems,  and a healthy dose of common sense, we help people just like you get more out of their business. We help you identify and address those bad habits with coaching and follow-through that will bring costs down and decrease your risk. And we give you the tools and resources you need to be proactive and stay focused on results.  

Like increased accountability. Improved productivity. Reduced costs. Enhanced service delivery. Reduced risk. And the most efficient use of company vehicles.   

If you got here because of an online search for something like “GPS fleet management,” you probably saw that there are over 2 million results for this phrase. Too many choices. But when it comes to a company that has well over a decade leading the industry, you will quickly find that this is a much shorter list.

Any company can ship you a box to plug into your vehicle, but only a select few have the experience and consultative approach necessary to help you get the most of your investment. And fewer still have built relationships with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to give you the best of breed options and choices that are tailored to your business and your budget.   

At FleetBoss GPS, we know it’s not about the box, it’s about the data that drives your business. And if you’re looking for a company that has been around the block and helped to make GPS fleet management an investment that pays for itself, give us a call today. We’re here to help, with a portfolio of systems and services that will meet your unique and specific needs.  

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to talking to you soon.


Brian Carroll, President

Going Beyond GPS!